At Avkaash we have designed short educational modules geared towards enhancing the life-skills of school and college students through hands-on activities and interactive sessions that promote an understanding of rural lifestyles and the local ecology. We offer to curate and undertake the following activities:

  1. Basics of Gardening and Farming: Understand and practice the basics of gardening/farming interspersed with knowledge of local soil characteristics, local agricultural produce, its seasonal distribution, traditional farming practices and their rationale, etc.
  2. Production of Edible and Non-Edible Goods: At SIDH we produce organic-based edible and non-edible products under the banner of Himalaya Haat. Through a pro-active set of exercises like, mixing ingredients in proportion to blend the right output and working out its final costing; and understanding the market forces to come up with a final selling price, we curate a special experience for the young that brings together touch-based activity and an understanding of local ecology and economics.
  3. Recycling and Waste Management: Appreciating the value of recycling by turning newspapers, plastics, rags, etc. into functional or decorative objects. This session is accompanied with an understanding of waste, where it comes from, and the myriad environmental issues that its accumulation spawns.
  4. Understanding Rural and Traditional Ways of Living: The crux of the activity involves designing a cross-cultural interaction between the participating students and school children from nearby villages. In addition to encouraging an experience exchange we highlight aspects of local culture like food, architecture and traditional technology (e.g. traditional water mill aka gharat) to engender a balanced appreciation for rural ways of living. The villages where we have partner schools include Talogi, Lagwal Gaon, Rampur, Riyat Gaun, Dabala, Matela, Kempty, Garhkhet, Dwargarh.
  5. Guided Nature Walks: In order to encourage an appreciation for local ecology and landscape we design various nature walks to highlight the natural and geographical peculiarities of the region. The Avkaash campus sits on the north facing side of the Mussoorie hills, with a commanding view of the Aglaar River Valley, and allows easy access to many areas in the vicinity like the Kempty Falls, the Binog Hill, Nag Tibba-Pantwadi, Nag Tibba-Devalsari, etc..