We want to create a space where people can come and experience an environment where they can ’Be’, set their own pace, contemplate and engage in a serious exploratory dialogue.

In order to do this, we plan to organize periodic seminars, retreats and workshops.

SEMINARS – Seminars are thematic and topical discussions. These are designed to be interactive and are led by multiple resource people from various walks of life. Modern education is based on a reductionist paradigm i.e where you look at the world by first categorising it - and categorisation separates. We don’t look at things holistically anymore - rather in silos of  ‘either/or’ as opposed to ‘either’ and ‘or’. Our perceptions are overridden by the compartments that hold these ideas and this in turn creates psychological and intellectual barriers in the way we engage with the world. We hope the module allows for a shift in the way we understand learning, and learn to understand differently.

RETREAT – Retreats are non-structured to facilitate a reflective and contemplative atmosphere. These sessions are not facilitated and the ‘take-away’ depends entirely on the level of engagement of the participant.

WORKSHOP – Workshops are skill-based sessions that are facilitated by a domain expert. These are structured and output-oriented. Some examples of previous workshops include: ‘Theatre in Nature’ and ‘Sehat Aur Swaad’.