The Society for the Integrated Development of the Himalayas (SIDH) started in 1989 when community members from villages around Mussoorie approached Pawan Gupta and Anuradha Joshi with a request to start a school for their children. Three years later women from some of these same villages told Pawan and Anuradha that their children had been ruined by the new education. This unexpected feedback is what kick-started an introspective journey to explore and understand the idea of ‘quality’ in education.

Over the last 30 years, SIDH has worked to provide access to education in over 40 villages of Jaunpur in the Tehri District of Uttarakhand. In these years SIDH stood witness to the transformation of local, self-reliant culture. An increasing financial dependency on the larger economy coupled with the allure of the ‘good life’ was resulting in the impoverishment of the local community and the gradual vanishing of their traditional knowledge systems. For SIDH the key issue facing today’s society is that of the individual vis a vis the community: what does it mean to ‘educate’ an individual while allowing/enabling his/her community to be destroyed?

To challenge this modern trend, SIDH started its experiments with educational curricula and sought to re-orient the focus of study to the issues facing the local ecology and culture. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Buniyada Shiksha’ (Foundational Education) SIDH has been committed to the idea that schools should be at the center of community life and that the ‘stuff’ of education should be embedded in their social and contextual realities. SIDH has done pioneering work in developing innovative pedagogical material, in particular, handbooks for teachers that utilize the local environment – physical and social – as the medium for facilitating learning and education. SIDH has also carried out numerous well-received research studies on the impact of modern educational curricula on the socio-cultural fabric of rural hill-based communities.

Current Work and Future Vision

SIDH continues with its efforts of subjecting modern paradigms and mindsets to critical scrutiny. The future vision is to mold SIDH into a space that can creatively explore the fault lines of the modern human condition; focusing our inquiry especially on those aspects of modernity that have led to a polarization of public discourse into a binary field of opinions, thus rendering it counter-productive.

At SIDH, we believe that effecting a change in the external has to begin with an earnest exploration of the realm within an individual. And we intend to draw on the resources at hand to enable SIDH into becoming a space that can act as a bridge between the individual and society – while ensuring that all its activities adhere to its core principles of promoting localism, sensitivity and self-reliance.

We do so through three programs:



We want to create a space where people can come and experience an environment where they can ’Be’, set their own pace, contemplate and engage in a serious exploratory dialogue.

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A lot of the research themes that we pursue are a legacy of the grassroots learning that SIDH accumulated in its time while working intimately with the local Jaunpuri community of the Aglaar River valley.

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We have designed short educational modules geared towards enhancing the life-skills of school and college students through hands-on activities and interactive sessions that promote an understanding of rural lifestyles and the local ecology.

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Campus Highlights

  • Accommodation for up to 40 people in specially designed dormitories
  • Equipped with private single/double/twin bedroom suites for upto 20 people
  • Availability of three conference halls for hosting meetings and workshops
  • A variety of staggered open spaces, including an open air amphitheater, that can be utilized in creative ways for group exercises
  • Availability of simple and healthy vegetarian food

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Events @ LRC Kempty

Upcoming Events

A four-week online course for teachers and parents

Pawan Kumar Gupta, Co-Founder – SIDH, Speaker, Author, Educationist Arun Elassery, Co-Founder – Asli Shiksha, Author

When:30th November to 26th December, 2020
Approximate time investment: 8-10 hours per week (Self-study and interaction)
Fees: Rs 7500/- (Rs Seven thousand five hundred only)

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What is Education?

An interactive talk by Pawan Gupta, Govinda Das and Arun Elassery

Date: Saturday 29 Aug 2020
Time: 11:00 AM- 01:00 PM

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Making Sense of Modern Education
A 4-week online course for teachers and parents

Monday 7 Sept 2020 to 3 Oct 2020

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