Bodhshala was an experimental school that functioned from the SIDH campus at Kempty. Inspired by Gandhiji's ideas of Buniyadi Shiksha or Nai Taleem, Bodhshala tried in its curriculum to reduce the distance between school and society. Some of the practices included:
- Self-investigation as a mechanism for students and teachers to become responsible human beings.
- Focus on hand-skill and useful production activity as a part of everyday education.
- Outreach activity to share the learnings from the school with other educators.
'Learning at Bodhshala' the book published by SIDH chronicles the journey of the school in detail.



SIDH operated 35 village schools at various times that has served around 10,000 children of 50 villages near Mussoorie. The schools were unique in their conscious focus on not letting the educational process erode the local culture and ways of life in the village.


Sambandh: Trained and deployed 300 local young men and women through teacher training modules to run and maintain our schools.
Sahjan: Value education for children through questioning and dialogue.
Sanmati: 1000 young men and women. 18-30 year old. 1 week on questioning assumptions.
Sanjeevani: 60 youth passed through 1 year residential programs modeled on Sanmati. Womens events: Income generation programs, loan and savings schemes, village melas etc.


SIDH has conducted nationally benchmarked research on quality of educational material used by various state boards, collection of local knowledge on flora/ fauna/ agriculture/ folk tales/ women's health etc.

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