Avakaash is a transdisciplinary project that is rooted in the core values of Authenticity, Well-being, Aesthetics and Self Reliance. It critically examines both, traditional and modern systems, values, worldview, assumptions and beliefs. It is an open space to explore genuine alternatives through a program of Seminars, Workshops, Colloquiums, Research Grants, Fellowships, Publications and other Resource Networks. Click here to download a PDF brochure of Avakaash.


It looks like the objective of your education is to prepare children from our village to go to Delhi and the children studying in Delhi to move to America, said some old women of the village, a few years after the first SIDH school had started functioning there. It looks like they were right, that all of us who grow up in India have a sense of inadequacy built into ourselves and school education reinforces it. Is there anything we can do about this? Well, the first step may be using our lived experience to validate the stories we have been told about who we are.

The SIDH blog collects together a wide variety of stories that are beginning to be heard as our country wakes from a long and disturbed sleep. See if they resonate with you and like Hanuman you are reminded of your strength. Click here...


We have extensive unpublished material of Dharampal and Ravindra Sharma that we are editing and plan to publish soon. If you want to help in this work or want to learn more about it, please write to pawansidh@gmail.com.


The SIDH Centre at Kempty hosts periodic events related to holistic education and health. As a part of advocacy, SIDH also holds week-long seminars on education in a conversational 'Samvaad' mode. Click here for upcoming events...

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